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Welcoming statement from the Executive Director


On behalf of Appropriate Rural Development Agriculture Program (ARDAP), I take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. We are a registered NGO based in Western Kenya with the main focus of working with small-scale farmers to improve their farm productivity and livelihoods.

The development of the website for ARDAP provides an opportunity to share widely with various stakeholders and exchange valuable ideas. We at ARDAP shall continue to update the website regularly so that we keep the public informed.

 I take this chance to thank you for finding time to visit our site. We welcome your comments and views on any of our programs.

Thank you.

Macdonald Wesonga

Executive Director, ARDAP


Appropriate Rural Development Agriculture Program (ARDAP) is a local Kenyan non-governmental organization based and working in Busia County, close to the Kenya-Uganda common border. ARDAP works to empower local communities in the area in the key issues of food security and environment/resource conservation. ARDAP works with women, youth and community-based self help groups in rural development, sustainable agriculture. hunger and food security, as well as natural resource management.

  •  ARDAP works with government agencies, local and international NGOs and churches to provide a more holistic approach to development. Sustainable agriculture at ARDAP entails the science of cultivating soil, producing crops and raising livestock that is commercially viable, socially responsible and ecologically sound, renewing the land for continued agricultural use in the long term. As a member of WeRATE (Western Regional Alliance for Technology Evaluation), ARDAP has helped over 10,000 farmers whose fields were infested by striga to improve the quality and productivity of their farms. ARDAP works towards developing incentives and practices that encourage soil health and protect agricultural biodiversity.
  •  ARDAP has its headquarters at Butula Division in Busia County, with a staff complement of 18 officials. We also have project vehicles as well as a farmer resource centre which can host 40 residential participants. We in addition possess field demonstration plots which are used as learning sites for farmers.


    ARDAP is focused on offering services that enhance farmer learning for agricultural development and improvement of their livelihoods. 



    Some of the activities that ARDAP is engaged in and that it would want to engage in, in future include the following:

    ·         Research;

    ·        Environmental conservation;

    ·        Technology transfer;

    ·         Social development;

    ·        Indigenous knowledge systems;

    ·         Economic development;

    ·        Empowering of orphans and widows led households;

    ·         Food security;

    ·         Horticulture;

    ·         Local seed improvement;

    ·        Youth training;

    ·         Rural women agro-enterprise development;

    ·         Eco-tourism;

    ·         Water sanitation.


    To be a Centre of excellence promoting sustainable livelihoods, eco-health and agri-business  through improved food security and integrated social change.   



    To improve the livelihood of the local community though promotion of eco-friendly farming systems, agricultural research and provision of extension services with a long term aim of ensuring sustainable food security, income generation and improved health standards.


    1.        Provide a conducive working environment, positive image and resources for excellence service delivery.

    2.        Food secure communities through sustainable agriculture, strengthened seed systems, food value addition and enhanced marketing.

    3.   To empower vulnerable households in environmental health, microcredit and nutrition for social change and self-reliance.

    4.   Working with farmers to enhance environmental conservation, agricultural adaptive research and extension services for sustainable natural resource management.

    5.  Deliver consistent agricultural information to the community, stakeholders, collaborators and organizations.



    ·         To provide sufficient, effective resources for accomplishment of organization goals

    ·         Create and develop a conducive working environmental.

    ·         To promote a positive organization image.

    ·         Provide a residential and training backup to farmers and development facilitators.

    ·         To Strengthen Seed systems for quality Seed Access for Improved Food Production.

    ·         To promote sustainable agriculture technologies through extension services.

    ·         To promote agricultural enterprises and marketing for income generation

    ·         To promote food value addition for improved nutrition and income generation.

    ·         Enhance the capacity of the special groups in community to address livelihood needs through eco-friendly farming systems and social development approaches.

    ·         To promote environmental health and nutrition for vulnerable groups.

    ·         To develop strong micro-finance within vulnerable groups for credit and savings

    ·         Improve soil fertility management for sustained production within rural farming communities.

    ·         Disseminate proven technologies to a wide range of smallholder farmers in western region and beyond

    ·         Realize environmentally friendly communities that respect ecological diversity and value.

    ·         Enhance rural capacities to cope with impacts of climate change

    ·         To maintain functional information system that safe guards the organization’s information and data.

    ·         To ensure timely, orderly and effective communication through capacity building of human resource.

    ·         To enhance information access, sharing, communication infrastructure and new technologies in rural communities.



  • P - Professionalism

    I - Integrity

    T - Transparency and accountability

    T - Teamwork

    S - Service for excellence


    •  Pelum (Participatory Land Use Management)
    • Manor House Agricultural Centre, Kitale
    • Forest Action Network (FAN)– Nairobi
    • Moi University
    • Chepkoilel University 
    • Ministry of Agriculture, Busia District 
    • Format (Forum for Organic Resource Management and Agricultural Technologies)
    • Western Kenya NGO’s Network
    • CABE (Centre for African Bio Entrepreneurship)
    • REEP (Rural Economic Enhance Program)
    • CDRA – South Africa – Cape Town.
    • KAMADEP (Kazi Mashambani  Development Programme)
    • UCRC   (Ugunja Community Resource Centre )
    • ICS (International Child Support)
    • REFSO - Busia
    • CREADIS - Bungoma


    ARDAP contacts

    Postal address: P O Box 272 - 50405 Butula, Busia.

    Telephone: +254 020 232 9074

    Email: or


    Physical address: Mung'ambwa village, Butula District

    More about ISFM Project

    ARDAP is leading a consortium of partners who are implementing an ISFM project funded by AGRA's Soil Health Program.

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